Rawalpindi remains paralysed for third day due to sit-ins.

RAWALPINDI -- On the third day of protests, life in Rawalpindi remained paralysed as supporters of the provincial ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), choked multiple roads in the city to protest the murder attempt on party chief Imran Khan near Wazirabad last week.

As the public and business community suffered on log-jammed roads, law minister Raja Basharat alongside other party members chose to enjoy the T20 cricket match between Pakistan and New Zealand on blocked IJP Road. 'Today is the third day of [the] sit-in at the entry and exit points of Islamabad. I am enjoying #PakvsNz cricket match at IJP road along with @PTIofficial workers,' the minister said in a tweet.

On Old Airport Road, the public was not allowed to pass by the protesters as the road had been blocked near Gulzar-i-Quaid. However, for PTI leader and President Arif Alvi, the party supporters opened one track of the road to allow the motorcade to pass on its way to Nur Khan Airbase. The road was blockaded again. At 4pm, the road was finally opened for traffic, according to the traffic police.

Pindi's business artery Murree Road was blocked near Iqbal Park for traffic where protesters had set up chairs to block the flow of traffic. Most intercity roads, including Peshawar Road and Mall Road, were open for traffic barring the roadblock near Iqbal Park, as per the police.

Punjab law minister 'enjoys' cricket match on blocked IJP Road

Jhelum Road blockade

On Jhelum Road near Soan bridge, a small group of PTI supporters which had blocked the entry of vehicles in Rawalpindi on Tuesday at 10pm continued to obstruct traffic throughout the day, putting the supply of fuel and other goods to the garrison city at risk. However, one track of the road was open for two-way traffic on Soan Bridge near the Lahore High Court allowing small vehicles and motorcycles to enter and exit the city.

Due to the blockade, a large number of oil tankers and trucks loaded with edible items were stuck in traffic. Long queues of oil tankers, trucks and containers were seen on the road hardly leaving any room for motorcycles or other small vehicles to pass through. A handful of PTI supporters carrying batons were patrolling the road while a squad of the district police remained helpless to clear the road for the heavy traffic.

Some goods transporters were seen shifting their goods in smaller vehicles to circumvent the obstructions since heavy traffic was not allowed to enter the city. An oil tanker...

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