Ration distribution.

Byline: Michael Desouza - Karachi

WITH the authorities laying so much emphasis on social distancing and other such practices as being the most effective method to defeat the spread of Covid-19, one is aghast to see that their recommendations are almost completely disregarded during the distribution of funds and ration among the destitute.

TV news channels have shown repeated footage of women thronging the distribution centres, making it impossible to maintain any distance at all. A well-planned, coordinated and disciplined exercise is needed to execute the distribution. This activity - which is essential under the prevailing circumstances - should be more common sense and discipline, and not rocket science.

The authorities concerned have all of the data since the recipients have been registered through a mobile phone application. This shows that a majority of the needy are digitally accessible.

The sensible approach for distribution of funds and ration, therefore, would be that the distributors should circulate a datewise and time slotwise schedule of distribution. For the sake of maintaining record, distribution can be done in groups of 1,000 persons or more per day.

The recipients can be selected on the basis of current residential addresses given in CNIC. The recipients can...

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