Rates at Lahore's roadside eateries to go up after RLNG switchover.

LAHORE -- The ongoing drive to switch commercial consumers over to RLNG will result in increase in price of Naan, Roti and curry (Salan) at a number of roadside restaurants (Dhabas), including 4,000 or so in Lahore alone - the eateries where a majority of workers take lunch during working hours on a daily basis.

On the other hand, most of the Tandoors [over 10,000 in Lahore metropolitan city] are allegedly overcharging the public at large by selling Roti and Naan for Rs15 to Rs20 and Rs25 to 30 respectively, flouting the official notification binding them to sell the same for Rs14 and Rs22.

'We have over 14,000 members, including 10,000 Tandoors and over 4,000 Dhabas (roadside restaurants). The Tandoors and tea stalls are exempted from the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) drive to get its entire commercial consumers switched over to the Regasified Liquified Natural Gas (RLNG),' Lahore Mutahidda Nan Roti Association President Aftab Gill told Dawn on Saturday.

He said Tandoors and roadside restaurants are treated as commercial consumers, using system gas. The Tandoors and tea stalls have been exempted from the government's move to get the commercial consumers switched over to RLNG. But the roadside restaurants where most of the labourers take lunch have not been exempted. 'Therefore, the Nan, Roti, Salan price at over 4,000 Dhabas in Lahore and the similar eateries in other districts is likely to increase for the poor workers, who are already under immense financial stress due to sky-rocketing prices of edibles,' he said.

Of 23,000 commercial consumers, 8,000 have signed contract for RLNG supply

On the other hand, many Tandoor owners at various spots of the city district are reportedly overcharging the customers. 'On Nov 18 (Friday), I paid Rs20 for a Roti at a Tandoor in Wapda town despite the fact his premises was not even switched over to RLNG supply. On inquiring, he (the owner) had no logical arguments,' deplored Ikram, a resident of Wapda Town. 'The Tandoor owner was also...

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