Rampant street crime in Karachi has claimed 100 lives this year.

There is no respite from the growing menace of street crime in Karachi that has claimed 100 precious lives this year in incidents of shooting during robberies.

The rampant street crimes have instilled fear and a sense of insecurity among the citizens as ruthless muggers have been freely roaming the city, looting people and killing them over the slightest hint of resistance with impunity.

The statistics show beside the killings, over 400 people have also been wounded by armed robbers and muggers since January 1.

Data gathered from different newspapers shows 24 people have been killed in Karachi's District West, 23 in District Central, 19 in District East, 16 in District Korangi, nine in District Keamari, five in District Malir, and two each in District South and District City.

Residents of Karachi are losing confidence in the police, who they feel have failed to control the rising incidents of street crime. Robbers have not only been killing and injuring people, mostly young men, but also depriving thousands of residents of money and other valuables.

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Incidents of street crime crossed 73,000 until October 31. This year has seen an increase in muggings and other such crimes by 11% as compared to the 10 months of last year.

The situation in the city has turned from bad to worse, but the police continue to claim that everything is under control. The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee's (CPLC) data shows exactly how the police have performed as regards curbing street crime from January to October this year.

From January to October last year, 65,901 street crime incidents were reported, but in the corresponding period this year, the number of such cases exceeded 73,000.

There has been an increase in car and motorbike thefts and snatching as well, with the officers of the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell on the lookout.

However, no one knows where the car and motorbike lifters come from, where they go, and how the stolen vehicles are moved out of the city.

According to the available statistics, last month alone, 5,042 cases of motorbike thefts and 215 cases of...

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