Rain highlights missing roads issue at university.

NAROWAL -- Roads could not be constructed from the main entrance of the University of Narowal to the classrooms due to unavailability of funds.

The rainwater inundates the university whenever it rains and the students have to walk through the accumulated water and mud to reach their classrooms. Same was the case during the rain on Thursday.

When the campus was along on the Shakargarh Road three years ago the road from the main road to the campus and paths from one building to the other were left. There is a mud road from the entrance to the main building, which is not paved with bricks, tiles or even stones. The classrooms are 700 metres away from the university's main entrance. Hundreds of students and teachers have to walk through the rainwater and mud to reach classrooms on the campus.

On Thursday, the main entrance along with the paths connecting the university lawns and buildings were flooded.

Maryam Noor and Noshin Akram, students of the university, said that due to the indifference of the university administration, nine female students slipped and fell into muddy water. The students, namely Asiya Akhtar, Taslim Afzal, Rubina Kausar, Shazia Imran and Farhat Kayani, fell while passing through rainwater and mud.

The students bemoaned that dust would rise into the air on normal days...

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