Raging controversy over NAB law.


THE Government and the opposition are again at loggerheads - this time on the issue of latest amendments to the accountability law that the opposition prefers to call NRO Plus. As the move has been challenged both at Lahore High Court and the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed not to retreat or succumb to any pressure over the newly promulgated National Accountability (second amendment) Ordinance 2019 saying that the amendments - which benefit legislators, bureaucrats and the business community - were made keeping in view the opposition's longstanding demand.

There was definitely need to reform and improve the accountability law in view of widespread complaints of misuse of the process and its implications for working of the bureaucracy as well as economic development of the country. The issue remained under discussion during tenures of PPP and PML(N) also but no worthwhile initiative for the purpose was taken due to lack of consensus as parties saw the law and the need for reform through prism of their party and individual interests. In this backdrop, the initiative of the Government to amend the law was a step in the right direction but it has been taken in a wrong manner i.e. without consulting or taking the opposition on board. The amendment definitely contains some good elements, which should be preserved but the Government should not make it an issue of prestige and...

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