Radio is not dying, rather thriving the world over, moot told.

KARACHI -- The radio professionals, broadcasters and people associated with the industry gathered at the Arts Council on Thursday

to mark World Radio Day and strongly negated the impression that the mode of communication, entertainment and information had lost its credibility and popularity in the world.

They said that except for Pakistan, radio was still thriving and growing the world over.

The event was organised by the Arts Council where renowned broadcasters, former senior officials of Radio Pakistan, executives of private FM radio channels and professionals associated with the industry spoke at length about the recent state of the industry and its future mainly in Pakistan, where the media industry in general was facing serious crisis.

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani also attended the event and shared his experiences as a keen radio listener in student days and stressed the need for strong and coordinated efforts both from owners and regulators to give new life to radio in the country.

Need stressed for innovative content and ease of restrictions

Yasir Qazi, who moderated the event and had been associated with a private FM radio channel, shared his views on restrictions over content in entertainment segments in radio programmes in Pakistan.

The situation had become very difficult for...

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