Al Quds will be celebrated with religious zeal and fervor on the call of Idol breaker Imam Khumeni, MWM Chief.

Islamabad -- Central Secretary General MWM, Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffari has said on Thursday that the International Quds Day will be celebrated with zeal and fervor on the call of Idol-breaker and great philosopher Imam Khumeni.

'The free peoples of the world will raise their voice against the atrocities of Zionist regime on the last Friday of Ramadhan. The followers of Imam Hussain AS will never choose the path of disgrace, the role of freedom movements of Palestine, Hamas and Jihad e Islami is extra-ordinary and doing tremendously for the cause of Palestine' he maintained.

The muslim leaders who are accepting illegitimate regime of Israel, due to US pressure or for their vested interests, are committing against the values of Islam and they are traitors of freedom movements sacrificing their lives in Palestine.

Israel is a sinking ship, whoever accompany will drown in deep waters will Zionist regime. The fourteen years history is witness...

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