QEC, RWU arranges training session for QEC departmental coordinators.

RAWALPINDI -- Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), Rawalpindi Women University has arranged a training session for QEC departmental coordinators regarding managing files for institutional performance evaluation.

The aim of the training was to orient the participants about the significance and process of Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) and to train them how to maintain the department record in proper files, to access the required documents easily for the evaluation teams as well as for the departmental use.

Ms. Sofia Tabassam Cheema, Deputy Director QEC, facilitated the session and explained the requirements of the four types of files that the departments have to manage including: Program files, Course files, Faculty files, and Student files.

In the training, the QEC departmental coordinators were also provided with the checklists for the documents that each file should contain in a proper sequence.

At the end of the training, Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal...

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