Qatar will remain, free, thriving and strong under the intelligent and vibrant leadership.


Byline: Rasheed Ahmad Chughtai

Charting economic and social progress in modern societies depends on a clear vision and a strategy about how to get there. Wise political leaders know the direction in which they would like their societies to develop, balancing the interests of present and future generations. Qatar National Vision 2030 builds a bridge between the present and the future. It envisages a vibrant and prosperous country in which there is economic and social justice for all, and in which nature and man are in harmony. Amer said 'We need to galvanize our collective energies and direct them toward these aspirations. Strong Islamic and family values will provide our moral and ethical compass. The welfare of our children, and of our children yet to be born, demands that we use our resource-wealth wisely. Qatar must continue to invest in its people so that all can participate fully in economic, social and political life.

Qatar must invest too in world class infrastructure to create a dynamic and more diversified economy in which the private sector plays a prominent role. This requires continuous improvements in the efficiency, transparency and accountability of government agencies. Qatar's National Vision is authentic. It has emerged from intensive consultation across Qatari society. It is based on the guiding principles of Qatar's Permanent Constitution. It reflects the aspirations of the Qatari people and the resolve of their political leadership. Qatar's National Vision belongs to the government, the private sector, civil society and to all Qatari citizens. I call on all to work hard and utilize your expertise to help achieve the goals of the Vision and to advance our nation's development. In this way, we will build a bright future for the people of Qatar. Achievement of the Vision is a national responsibility. All sections of Qatari society and all sectors have an important role to play. This will require significant institutional and organizational capacity building; efficient and transparent delivery of public services; fruitful public-private cooperation and partnerships; the creation of a vibrant climate for business; and a larger space for civil society. Qatar National Day is a national commemoration of Qatar's unification by the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani.

It took place on 18 December of the year 1878. Sheikh Jassim established the rules of the modern State of Qatar. In his reign, Qatar became a unified...

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