Qatar promotes Culture of Peace.

Qatar is always open to any real gesture of peace that will lift the blockade, respect the sovereignty of the state, refrain from interfering in its internal affairs, and respect international law and the principle of equality between states, indicating that the State of Qatar, on all occasions, that the unity of the Gulf states is pivotal in facing the challenges that beset the region.

Qatar is always present in all regional and international conferences and forums, stressing the importance of the diplomatic role and dialogue in limiting conflicts and bringing views closer. Any initiative to resolve the Gulf crisis must take into account that the State of Qatar cannot accept undermining its sovereignty nor any guardianship or dictations it is the policy of the State of Qatar under the dynamic and leadership of Qatar.

HE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi via videoconferencing at the international conference in support of the Lebanese people, which was held at the level of heads of states and governments.

HE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs stressed in his speech that the State of Qatar has spared no effort at the official and popular levels and was one of the first countries that rushed to respond to the fraternal and humanitarian duty to stand by the brotherly Lebanese people by providing them with urgent relief aid of $50 million as a contribution to relief operations and to alleviate the suffering of the Lebanese people.

Qatar also sent an equipped team from the Qatar international Search and Rescue Group to establish field hospitals, HE added. In this context, HE pointed out that Qatar Fund for Development recently signed several agreements with the concerned authorities in Lebanon for the reconstruction of the old building of the Karantina Hospital in Beirut, and the rehabilitation of many educational buildings, including 55 schools, education and training centers, and three universities, in addition to financial aids from the Qatari people.

Today, Lebanon is facing difficult conditions especially the humanitarian, social, economic and financial crises and the Coronavirus pandemic, Al Muraikhi said, stressing the need to reconstruct the areas affected by the explosion of Beirut's port in August.

HE hailed the efforts of the Republic of France, as well as all countries and international and regional organizations that provided assistance to the brothers in Lebanon, calling on the international...

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