Qaiser says NA speaker committed 'great injustice with his office' by accepting resignations of PTI lawmakers.

PTI leader Asad Qaiser on Wednesday said that National Assembly (NA) Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf had committed a 'great injustice with his office' by accepting the resignations of 34 PTI lawmakers.

The PTI had resigned en masse from the lower house of parliament following the ouster of PTI Chairman Imran Khan in April last year. Subsequently, the NA speaker had accepted only 11 of the resignations, stating that the remaining lawmakers would be summoned individually for verification.

In an apparent bid to scuttle PTI's purported plan to bring a confidence motion agaiAnst Prime Minister Shehbaz ShaArif, Ashraf on Tuesday accepAted the resignations of 34 PTI lawmakers alongside Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid, resulting in their de-notification by the electoral watchdog.

The move came as a surprise for the PTI as well as political experts as two weeks earlier, the speaker had stated that the resignations would only be accepted once the lawmakers appeared in person for verification.

Commenting on the matter during an interview on Geo News show Capital Talk, Qaiser said: 'I think the speaker committed a great injustice with his office.

'When you occupy a constitutional position, then you should make decisions keeping in mind the law and the Constitution. You have to act in accordance with the law [rather] than fulfilling the wishes of political people.'

Qaiser noted that the NA speaker had recently told a PTI delegation that the party's lawmakers would be summoned individually for verification of their resignations.

'Did he complete that process? What he has done is totally illegal and unconstitutional.'

He said the PTI had demanded that all of its resignations be accepted in one go and questioned why 'piecemeal' acceptance was taking place. 'Basically they do politics and try to tease us...

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