Punjab police registered 22,171 cases of cheque fraud last year.

Punjab police spokesman said on Saturday that the previous year, as many as 22,171 cases of cheque fraud were registered by police across the province and 8,502 accused were also arrested.

He said that challans of 10,367 cases were completed, 1,438 cases dropped, accused in 1,539 cases proved innocent while 8,827 cases were still under investigation.

He added that as many as 6,449 cases of cheque fraud were registered in Lahore and 1,823 accused were arrested.

In Sheikhupura region, 1038 cases were registered and 483 accused were arrested. In Gujranwala region, 2,593 cases were registered and 1,312 accused were arrested.

In Rawalpindi region, 1,356 cases were registered and 596 accused were arrested, while in Sargodha region, 1,072 cases were registered and 510 accused were arrested.

In Faisalabad region, 3,471 cases were registered and 1,050 accused were arrested, while in...

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