Punjab Governor for charter of economy by political parties.

LAHORE -- Punjab governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman Tuesday urged the political parties to sign charter of economy to ensure continuity of economic policies.

'The country needs economic staAbility for which political parties should develop a consensus on charter of economy. We must put aside personal interests for the stability of the econAomy', he stressed while talking to a delegation of Faisalabad Chamber of Small Traders on Tuesday.

President Mian Zafar Iqbal led the delegation. Senior Vice PresiAdent Faisalabad Chamber of Small Traders Hamid Ali, Vice President Muhammad Sarfraz, Vice President Shahida Munir, President RawalpinAdi Chamber of Small Industries Tariq Mehmood Jadoon and others were part of the delegation.

The governor told the delegation the top priority of the government had been to bring economic stability in the country and to put the country on the road to progress once again. He said the federal government had decided to launch a socio-economic road map- Pakistan Outlook 2035.


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