Punjab By-Elections.

PTI must be congratulated for sweeping most of the seats in the by-elections held in 20 seats vacated due to disqualifications of the PTI defectors. People actively participated and overall, the process went well. Moreover, in the history of elections in Pakistan, yesterday was the first time when the losing party conceded defeat even before the announcement of the results by the Election Commission of Pakistan. This welcome new gesture is commendable and augers well for the next general elections.

The practice of alleging rigging and fraud by the losing party is counterproductive and needed to end. Hopefully, it has, though I hesitate to be too hopeful. Now another thing that our politicians must learn is patience. Once a party is elected, the opposition must wait until the next elections instead of harbouring conspiracies to topple the government at any cost. They must realize that elections cost billions and every time when a government changes, the...

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