Public-private partnership critical ingredient to uphold rule of law.

Peshawar -- The most important ingredient that goes into development of a cohesive society is public-private partnership that also upholds rule of law. Punishment comes as a last resort in the enforcement of rule of law.

However, there are many other levels positioned prior to that, including but not limited to responsible and active citizenship, volunteerism, community policing, public-police cooperation and public education on rights and responsibilities.

These views were expressed by Mir Wais Niaz, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police, Hazara during the 31st round of Ulasi Taroon Youth Capacity Building Workshops, organized by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) at and in collaboration with the Hazara University, Mansehra.

The DIG police Hazara said that while it is the responsibility of state to enforce law, rule of law is truly upheld with the law-abiding citizenship and citizenry cognizant of their rights enshrined in the constitution and laws enacted for their benefits.

Working and friendly relationship between the citizens and law enforcement institutions only helps them to deliberate - in a democratic way - solutions to address the issues of communal and national concern. This relationship can alone strengthen rule of law more than anything.

He further said that clash of social order and social contract is what weakens rule of law and takes a negative toll on social cohesion the most.

This means that besides the law enforcement by the state, there is an equal and fundamental onus on the citizenry for constitutional awareness and education, and activism. To address the longstanding public-police trust deficit, the institution of police has introduced a range of services to facilitate citizens in a dignified manner.

However, the police infrastructure also needs to be updated to enable the institution ensure seamless provision of these services to the...

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