PTI will raise Ali Bilal's death in court Imran.

LAHORE -- Speaking in the context of 'bruAtal' police action on the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the alleged death of a party acAtivist in Lahore, PTI Chairman Imran Khan Friday said that the rulers wanted to spread fear among the masses to win the upcoming elections.

'Their plan was to have blood on the streets so they could run away from elections. Ever since one person has got a specific position, human rights violaAtions have multiplied. There is a kind of fascism which is unseen even in martial laws', he said in a televised address to the party workers along with party's cenAtral Punjab president Dr YasAmin Rashid.

The PTI chief said that PTI's election rally was banned even though the ECP had announced the election schedule in Punjab. He alleged that they were creAating fear in the masses so that thieves might win again. 'The nation should get ready for the struggle of real freedom and we shall not back off now', he added.

Imran said that the PTI leadAers were facing obstacles in their election campaigns deAspite the announcement of the election schedule. 'So far 80 cases have been registered against me alone. They are tryAing to spread fear to win the elections, he maintained.

The PTI chief lambasted the government for brutally torturAing and killing a dedicated and ardent PTI worker Ali Bilal aka Zille Shah in custody and urged the nation to stand up against the criminal rulers and should be ready for all sacrifices in the holy war of 'real independence'.

'When will our Judiciary wake up to stop custodial torture, which is not only a violation...

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