PTI Turns To Jubilation Mode.

ISLAMABAD -- Soon after the decision of the Supreme Court that struck down the election of Hamza SheAhbaz as chief minister of Punjab and declared Chaudhry Parvez Elahi as the winner, the jubiAlant PTI on Tuesday anAnounced to celebrate its victory today with the party chairman urging his followers to come out in massive numbers to show their support.

The PTI that has again become a ruling party in Punjab also said that the short orAder of the three-memAber bench of SC upheld the supremacy of the law and Constitution.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan took to Twitter to say that they will offer thanks to Allah and celAebrate with all the peoA ple of Pakistan, who stood by them in their campaign for 'Haqeeqi AzaAdi', on Wednesday evening. DeclarAing the decision historic, he also apApealed to the PTI workers to 'come out in massive numbers to show supAport' to the party. 'I appreciate our SC judges for standing firm and upAholding the Constitution and law, against all manners of threats and abuse,' he said and added, 'I want to thank the people of Punjab for comAing out in unprecedented...

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