PTI 'secures' Imran's home amid arrest fears.

LAHORE -- As scores of supporters gathered outside his residence to resist a potential bid to arrest the PTI chairman on Wednesday, Imran Khan - in a televised address - claimed he was shocked to see the establishment was still backing his rivals, adding that he would continue to challenge those who orchestrated his ouster.

As soon as news about the possible arrest of the former premier reached party workers, PTI supporters and leaders gathered at Zaman Park to defend their leader. Rumours of the threat of Mr Khan's imminent arrest had also brought Fawad Chaudhry to Zaman Park around 4am on Wednesday, shortly before he was arrested from his residence early in the morning.

Workers started arriving at Zaman Park around 2am on Wednesday and remained camped outside his residence through the day. Even Lahore's cold weather and a drizzle could not dampen their spirits, as the crowd continued to swell throughout the day.

On Wednesday evening, PTI senior leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi issued a fresh call to party supporters and lawmakers in defence of Mr Khan. In a tweet, the he urged former PTI lawmakers and supporters to reach Zaman Park at once.

Qureshi urges party workers to throng PTI chief's residence; ex-PM meets Elahi; claims establishment still backing PDM

The supporters - who kept busy with slogans and halwa poori - also vented their anger at interim Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, whom they blamed for the fresh crackdown on the former ruling party. Similarly, slogans in favour of Mr Khan echoed in Zaman Park throughout the day.

The protest to scuttle the purported plans to arrest Mr Khan also trended in digital spaces, particularly Twitter, where it remained one of the top trends.

The gathering also provided an opportunity for PTI leaders to hold intermittent media talks, expressing their unwavering commitment to the cause of Mr Khan.

PTI Punjab Central President Dr Yasmin Rashid, while speaking to media persons outside Zaman Park, condemned the arrest of Fawad Chaudhry and asserted that the party leaders, workers and people at large would not remain silent in the face of government's high-handedness.

'These harsh actions by the incumbent government will not be able to shift PTI's focus from its demand of free and fair elections,' she asserted.

'Establishment backing PDM'

Later, in a televised address via video-link on Wednesday night, the PTI chairman addressed the judges of the apex court, saying that...

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