PTI's Zulfi Bukhari Renounces British Citizenship.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Zulfi Bukhari has announced renouncing his British citAizenship, saying that he will fight alongside former prime minister and party head, Imran Khan for his party's 'real freedom movement'.

Taking to reporters here at a local hotel, Bukhari said that he had received a certification of renunAciation of British nationality from the UK authoriAties in the month of August.

'From now onwards, I am only a Pakistani citiAzen. I hold no passport or visa of any foreign counAtry. I will live and die in Pakistan,' he said while sharing the certificate of renunciation of British citizenship issued by the UK authorities. He said that he would only stand by Khan in his struggle to get 'real freedom' for the country.

It is likely that Bukhari, who is a close aide to Khan, would contest next election on a seat of NaAtional Assembly from his home constituency in AtAtock: a reason to...

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