PTI rally outside White House demands Imran's freedom, polls.

WASHINGTON -- Pakistan TehreAek-i-Insaf (PTI) held a large rally outside the White House on Sunday evening where they once again blamed the Biden administration for involvement in 'regime change' in Pakistan.

So far, it was PTI's largest rally outside the White House since their government was toppled in April last year. People had come from all over the East Coast, including Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Even the rain failed to dampen the spirits of hundreds of PTI supporters who gathered in a park facing the White House to demand the immediate release of their leader, former prime minister Imran Khan.

'Who caused the regime change in Pakistan? The Biden administration, that's who we blame,' said Sajjad Burki, the PTI chairman's focal person in the United States.

He once again raised questions about a luncheon last year between the then-Pakistani ambassador Asad Majeed Khan and a senior US State Department official, Donald Lu. Imran Khan and his supporters claim that at this meeting Mr Lu urged the Pakistani establishment to remove Imran Khan from power if they wanted good relations with Washington.

Party leader raises cipher issue, blames Biden admin for ex-PM's ouster

On dozens of occasions, US officials have rejected this claim as 'baseless and false,' clarifying that Washington was not interested in removing or bringing a particular leader and would work with whosoever is chosen by the Pakistani citizens. Recently, Mr Khan and his party had...

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