PTI protests hit public life in Pindi, Islamabad.

RAWALPINDI -- Public life, especially that of students and business owners in the garrison city were badly affected due to the PTI protest at Shamasabad - old Airport road, Pirwadhai chowk and Margalla Hills. Administrations of schools in the garrison city announced that they will remain closed for two days (Nov 8 and 9).

Parents of school children rushed to their rescue when they received information that school vans were being blocked by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) protesters near Gulzar-i-Quaid on Monday. Several entry points to the capital city were blocked to prevent workers of the party from entering it.

Musyari Expressway leading to Murree Hills was also blocked by PTI workers as they set tyres on fire. Rescue 1122 ambulances and fire engines were called on the spot to handle any untoward situation. According to police, due to the protest, Faizabad, Koral Chowk, Peshawar Road underpass, Taxila GT Raod, Golra Mor, Chak Beli Khan and Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza were closed to avoid entry of the protesters in the city. Besides this, Double Road and Pindora Chongi entry points from I.J.Principal Road also remained closed.

Only Islamabad Expressway was open for motorists, police said. The Red Zone's exit and entry points were closed from Express Chowk and Nadra Chowk,

'I was going to collect my children from school but protesters blocked the road,' said a woman stuck in a traffic jam on Murree Road.

A tea vendor identified as Aziz Khan said his earning has dropped by 50 percent since the PTI started protests and long marches. Similar comments were given by some. Childrens' parents panicked upon observing that their children were in trouble and getting late; many rushed to the spot to rescue their children - some were terrified while some were sobbing upon seeing young people setting tyres on fire and chanting slogans.

A school teacher told Dawn that she panicked when she received a message from her son-in-law who drives a van that his van had been blocked by PTI protesters. She said immediately after receiving the message, she and some other parents rushed to the spot near Gulzar-i-Quaid and rescued their school vans after arguing with PTI supporters.

Though the City Traffic Police had put in place some diversions to facilitate traffic during the PTI protest, their efforts proved to be unproductive. On the other hand, the CTP issued an advisory for the public to avoid inconvenience and requested people to travel to Gulzar-i-Quaid and...

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