PTI leaders in rush to meet JKT as Qureshi 'stands with Imran.

Leading business tycoon and senior politician Jahangir Khan Tareen who is in the federal capAital these days has been holding meetings with a number of polAiticians and former PTI MNAs in order to formally invite them into his own faction of the PTI.

Credible sources told The NaAtion that former PTI leader FirAdos Ashiq Awan called on Tareen at his residence in Islamabad and discussed the prevailing sitAuation and possible creation of a new faction of PTI under the leadership of Mr Tareen.

Both leaders discussed varAious proposals including the possibility of a new party and how more leaders could be inducted into it. Former minister Jamal from erstAwhile FATA also called on JaAhangir Khan Tareen and disAcussed various options to join his group. Zar Gul Khan, forAmer PTI MPAs from MansehAra, also called on JKT and disAcussed the political situation with him. Sources said JKT is closely watching and monAitoring PTI politics includAing former PTI leaders meetAings with Shah Mahmood Qureshi in jail. Both JKT and Shah Mahmood Qureshi used to be arch rivals within PTI. Meanwhile Zain Qureshi son of Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a press statement in IsAlamabad rejected the...

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