PTI govt crumbling under its own weight: Siraj.

LAHORE -- The government has been carved out by putting together people from the PPP, the PML-N and Pervez Musharraf's cabinet and is crumbling under its own weight, claims Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) emir Sirajul Haq.

Addressing a press conference at Mansoora after the opening session of the newly-elected Shoora on Saturday, he said that the opposition did not need to push it out of power; the government is falling under its own weight of incompetence. Those coming to power with the help of 'outsiders' have always met the same fate.

The JI chief warned that if there was an attempt to impose the presidential system, it would harm the country beyond redemption: it would be hard to build consensus among federating units and nationalities in the country. The government itself began discussion on the presidential system for covering its failures. The masses, he said, wanted the solution of their problems and were least interested in the change of the system.

Flanked by newly-selected general secretary Amirul Azeem and former secretary-general Liaquat Baloch, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit to Iran had breached national interests. The visit was aimed at improving ties with Iran but ended up achieving exactly the opposite.

The first nine-month rule of the present government was a saga of 250-day failure. It has been utter disappointment and the masses, who tried all other parties many times, have no option but to try the JI now.

Opposing the proposed amnesty scheme of the government, he said it only aimed at whitening the black money of the plunderers and legalising their ill-gotten wealth. The government, which came to power to recover looted money has not been able to retrieve a single dollar but is attempting to whiten black wealth lying in the...

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