PTI denies involvement in violence, says ISPR statement 'against ground realities'.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has denied involvement in the recent incidents of violence amid the protests against the arrest of its chairman, Imran Khan, saying that the statement by Inter-services Public Relations (ISPR) lacked the realisation of the situation on the ground.

PTI's rebuttal comes a day after the hard-hitting statement by the military's media wing, where it termed May 9, the day clashes and protests ensued, a "black chapter in history".

"We believe in achieving our goals by remaining peaceful, non-violent, and adhering to the Constitution and law. PTI has always discouraged deviance from the Constitution and law," a statement released by the party read.

It said that the PTI considered individuals and institutions, alike, bound to obey the law, the statement said

"The public reaction after the arrest of Imran Khan is connected to many factors," PTI said, adding that the extra-judicial actions and destruction of the economy were also among of the factors that created bitterness.

The party said Imran Khan also offered a solution to the ongoing political and administrative crisis through free and fair elections.

It further stated that PTI had been against the plunder of people's right to sovereignty via interference and rigging in elections, hence the political ideology and philosophy of the party chief Imran Khan received approval from the masses.

Army terms countrywide chaos as 'black chapter'

On Wednesday, the Pakistan Army - in a rare response - said that May 9, 2023, will be remembered as a "dark chapter" in the country's history.

The ISPR said after the PTI chief's arrest in Al-Qadir Trust case on National Accountability Bureau's orders, a 'well-thought-out plan' was witnessed in which the army was targetted.

'Soon after [Khan's arrest], there were organised attacks on army properties and installations and anti-army slogans were raised,' the military's media wing said.

The ISPR called the PTI leaders 'hypocrites' for inciting their workers against the armed forces on the one hand, and other, they were praising the military - in a bid to overshadow their criticism.

'On the one hand, these evil elements vigorously stir up public sentiments to fulfil their narrow and selfish goals and on the other, they do not get tired of highlighting the importance of the army for the country while throwing dust in the eyes of the people. This is an example of hypocrisy.'

The military's media wing added that a group of people - draping...

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