PTI claims Mashwani moved to Islamabad.

KARACHI -- The PTI on Friday claimed that its social media activist Azhar Mashwani has been moved to Islamabad, a day after he was picked up in Lahore, reported.

PTI Senior Vice PresiAdent Fawad Chaudhry said Mr Mashwani had been shifted to the federal capital and that the party was tracing his location.

'We have been tracking Mashwani's location,' the ex-information minister told 'He was at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) office in BedAian. Then he was shifted to Islamabad'.

Mr Chaudhry said the party had tried to get an FIR against Mr Mashwani's arrests - which he descrAibed as abduction - but officials had refused to do so. 'We tried registering it at the Green Town police station but they did not lodge a report.'

Mr Chaudhry added that a habeas corpus petition - to seek the release of a person from unlawful detention - had been filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC) for Mr Mashwani's recovery. The registrar's office had raised an objection but the case had been...

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