PTI chief only wants to talk to establishment, says Asif.

ISLAMABAD -- The government once again extended an olive branch to the PTI on Friday, inviting the party to the negotiating table to sort out important national issues, but deplored that PTI chief Imran Khan was adamant to hold talks with the establishment alone.

'He [Imran has offered to talk to the military leadership several times, but not the political leadership. Despite the fact that the present government has stated on so many occasions that it's willing to hold dialogue, Imran kept on insisting on holding negotiation with the establishment and went to the extent of trying to approach the present leadership of Pakistan Army,' Defence Minister Khawaja Asif told a news conference.

Flanked by Information and Broadcasting Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, Mr Asif spoke to members of the foreign press corps about the so-called PTI narrative and subversion of the Constitution.

'PTI chief approached former army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa multiple times through the president and even offered him an extension. Despite all his claims, Imran has not materially offered anything to the present government for dialogue,' he added.

The defence minister said the government was ready to hold talks for the sake of peace in the country. 'Consensus is needed on major issues that Pakistan has been facing for the last few years,' he added.

'We are not in favour of a transactional dialogue [but need something which is comprehensive, which covers everything,' he said, adding that the government was ready to hold a comprehensive dialogue with PTI for the sake of the country's prosperity and national interest.

He said a lot has happened over the last year in the political journey of the opposition. 'Imran Khan's political journey started with a cipher,' he added.

First, Mr Khan alleged...

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