Protests threatened over delay in Torghar hospital construction.


MANSEHRA -- The residents of Torghar have warned that they will stage street protests if work on the district headquarters hospital doesn't resume without delay.

'The government had released Rs580 million funds in 2016 but the contractor supported by the communication and works officials didn't complete work on the hospital and went away despite receiving payment,' Zahir Khan told reporters in Judbah, the district headquarters, on Tuesday.

Leading a group of residents, Mr Zahir said Torghar had become a settled district from a provincially administered tribal area in 2011 but it continued to be without a major hospital.

'We don't have tehsil and district headquarters hospitals, so the people with critical conditions, including pregnant women, are taken to hospitals in other parts of Hazara division but many of them die on the way,' he said.

Elder Bandi Shah said the contractor went away only after laying foundation of the hospital.

Alleging the embezzlement of hospital funds, the elder demanded the chief minister order an inquiry into the matter without delay for the punishment of culprits.

PROTEST THREATENED: The Jamaat-i-Islami has warned it will agitate across the country if the police don't ensure the dispensation of justice to a child sexually assaulted by his teacher inside a Mansehra seminary last week.

District emir of the Jamaat-i-Islami Dr Tariq Sheerazi told reporters that his party had learned that some influential people were trying to protect culprits.

'If the police accept any pressure...

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