Protesters block highway over disruption in supply of low cost flour.

DADU -- A large number of men and women blocked the National Highway at Kotri Hori Mill in protest against suspension in supply of low cost flour for the past two days.

The food department was supplying the commodity at Rs65 per kg in Kotri town and surrounding areas.

Affected people led by Altaf Korejo, Asif Ali, Imtiaz Ahmed and Wasim Ahmed blocked the highway by placing stones and raising other obstructions. It led to a traffic jam as vehicles from Kotri and Hyderabad could not find way to reach Thatta.

The protesters were raising slogans against the food department.

Speaking to demonstrators, Altaf Korejo alleged that the food department had stopped the supply of flour with the connivance of flour mills. Two days had passed since the supply was suspended.

Asif Ali said that it was due to the incompetence of the Sindh government and the food department that they (people) were forced to buy flour at RS140 per kg.

They appealed to the higher authorities to take notice of the matter and get the supply of low cost flour resumed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, women fought over a bag of flour in...

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