Protest held in Darra against non-payment of coal profit.

KOHAT -- Children of Jalandhar sub-clan of Zarghunkhel tribe of Darra Adamkhel tribal subdivision of Kohat took to the streets on Tuesday against the denial of coal profit to the tribe since 2014.

The children and their mothers alleged that they were expelled from the main tribe and the mining company also refused to pay them profit from coal mining.

They said due to non-payment of profit, education of children had been badly affected as coal mining was the only source of their earning. They appealed to the elders of the area and the district administration to resolve the matter.

LAWMAKERS FLAYED: A senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Daud Afridi has assailed the lawmakers of his own party for their criminal negligence in completing the approved projects or launching any new one during the last one decade.

Speaking at meetings in Darmalak and Mandoori union councils on Tuesday, he said lawmakers had failed to establish an economic zone in Kohat, set up an oil refinery, provide gas and reconstruct the Liaquat...

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