Protest held for recovery of Sindh's missing persons

Published date30 May 2022
Publication titleRegional Times

A large protest demonstration was held at Jinnah Bagh here on Sunday by the Voice of Sindh, the Sindh Sujagi Forum and relatives of Sindh's missing persons for the recovery of all people who have been subjected to enforced disappearances from across Sindh which was led by renowned poet, researcher and literary figure Tajo Joyo.

The protesters were holding large placards of the missing persons which had their photos and shouted slogans in favour of their just demands

Taj Joyo, Sarfraz Memon, Adil Abbasi, Afsana Dayo, Aqsa Dayo and others said on the occasion that Insaf Dayo was whisked away from Nazar Muhalla on this day on 29th May, 2017 from his tailor shop and he has not yet been recovered despite passage of five long years. They said his mother has been infected with diabetes and cardiac diseases and is now bed-ridden due to missing of her loved one.

They said a number of people have been taken from different cities on different occasions from Sindh which include Fateh...

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