Proposed Amendments to the Constitution


Following recommendations from the consultative meeting on constitutional amendments, a parliamentary task force on constitutional amendments created the first draft of amendments to the Constitution, which will be debated over by the public in open discussions organized throughout Mongolia until September 10.The following additions have been proposed in the draft:Two more parts were proposed to be added to Section No.28. Proposed Section 28.3 states that Parliament is eligible to create a temporary committee to review a public interest issue, and more than a quarter of MPs or a group of a political party or a coalition in Parliament can propose to create a temporary committee to the Speaker of Parliament.

The Speaker is to create a committee of proportionate representatives to Parliament's majority group and opposition groups.Section 28.4 states that regulations for creating and operating a temporary committee will be government under other Mongolian laws.

Two more parts were also proposed in Section No.46, which states that the selection process of state officials is to be carried out under a merit system, hiring officials based on their professional ability to perform a job and maintaining professional network of state officials, and state and local authorities are to monitor the implementation of the merit system.

Section 46.5 states that an illegal dismissal and pressure to leave state position will be banned following an election.The following changes have been made in the draft:Under the current Constitution, Section 22.2 states thatParliament may decide on its dissolution if more than two thirds of MPs consider that Parliament is unable to carry out its mandate or if the President and the Speaker of Parliament both agreed to dissolve Parliament.

The draft has proposed new addition to this section. Proposed Section 22.2 states that Parliament will be dissolved on the basis of the following two reasons:1. If more than two thirds of MPs consider that Parliament is unable to carry out its mandate.

  1. If a new Prime Minister is not appointed within 30 days after the first session of a new Parliament or within 21 days after the previous Prime Minister resigns.

The current Section 27.2 states that regular meetings of Parliament's spring or fall sessions shall be convened for no less than 50 working days. The proposed Section 27.2 has increased it to 75 days.

The current Section 27.6 states that if majority attendance is achieved in a...

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