Proposal of shifting FPCCI Head Office to Islamabad largely opposed by business community.


Karachi -- The Business Community on Thursday opposed the move of the incumbent President FPCCI to shift Federation Chambers Head Office to Islamabad; as Karachi is a hub of economic activities and it is not advisable to table this proposal in the coming executive committee meeting of the FPCCI.

Talking to media; Secretary General (Federal) of the Businessmen Panel, Ahmad Jawad said this is not the right time for this move, because BMP didn't set this objective in its earlier election campaign; but importantly the business community faced numerous problems and it must be utmost responsibility of the FPCCI President to address their grievances and stood up with them in thick and thin. He said majority trade bodies of the country voted us in the name of change so that we reshaped the affairs of the FPCCI but since January, FPCCI President was moving on opposite direction.

He said now the kitchen cabinet of the group desires their level best to establish alliance arrangements with the United Business Group for the coming FPCCI elections with the concept of seat adjustment which was another sheer violation of the mandate. The voters reposed confidence on us and thought, that after wining the elections, businessmen panel through FPCCI have taken up their voice in order to resolve their long awaited issues before government departments, but till date such...

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