Property management startups making their disruption felt.


The UAE's real estate sector is undergoing a massive change with technology paving the way for innovation in every layer of the sector. The inevitable disruption has created a niche for every segment, from traditional buying and selling of properties, to maintenance and management, short-term rentals and holiday homes, among many others.

Digital transformation will change the way property is bought, sold, rented, designed, built and managed. From streamlining documentation processes and more efficient customer marketing, to allowing tenants to access building amenities through an app. Technology is having a transformative impact across the entire value chain.

Research and networking platform Magnitt has indicated in its third-quarter report that out of the top five Mena industries - real estate, e-commerce, delivery and transport, renewable energy and fintech - real estate sector funding and deals topped 19 per cent compared to other sectors.

Startups like Inventally, Mabany, Ajar, HiGuests and Yovza are pioneering the paradigm shift in the sector among other successful players. The virtual buying, selling, maintaining properties, coordinating with facilities management firms are...

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