Promote, support and foster hospitality sector of Pakistan.


Byline: Arooj Asghar

Pakistan is a country of natural beauty, hilly mountains, longest beach, favorable climate, four seasons which are the key factors to develop eco-tourism, sustainable tourism and rural tourism. Pakistan has many archeological and historical sites too. And the hospitality of people and local culture, life style is a unique selling point. Tourism is a growing industry in Pakistan. Pakistan doesn't not have much big hotels but have a lot of small hotels and motels in almost every city especially in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Tourism and hospitality are favorable for the countries that are under developed and people are seeking for the opportunities, even if there are many challenges.The hospitality industry is considered as one of the largest industry in every nation and it can help the country gain additional economic improvements. Tourism is one of the top five export categories for as many as 80 percent of the countries and is a main source of foreign exchange earnings of at least 33 percent of countries. Many developed countries like USA, UK, and Italyare ruling the industry. But the scenario of many Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, show that tourist are attracted to the climate, nature, and overall beauty of these spots.

Tourism and other hospitality businesses can provide an opportunity to introduce the beauty of Pakistan as well and at the same time, maintaining its beauty for the sake of the future. Pakistan is a developing country, which draws interest in the tourism because of its potentials. Moreover, Pakistan has been an attractive destination for tourists. But at present, its position is not significant in terms of the international tourism market. The hospitality management is in the middle of risky decisions. First is the challenge in terms of the acceptability of foreign tourists in the country and second is the challenge of economic situation of Pakistan.

Due to the nature of its services, the hospitality industry is closely related to other industries including the tourism industry. This is one reason because of which the global hospitality industry is seeing an upward trend. The Pakistani economy also seems to benefit from the positive injections that hospitality industry offers. Hotel demand in Islamabad,Karachi, and Lahore are primarily driven by the commercial segment, consisting of individuals travelling for business and conferences, along with...

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