Problems With The Orange Line.

Like any other project, the orange train project was being carried out to provide transportation for the general public, but the project was found to be a failure as there was a delay in the project, an increase in the calculated cost of the project, poor resources and planning due to corrupt practices at the managerial level.

The projected total initial cost of this project was Rs165 billion, of which China was providing Rs150 billion in the form of a loan but later further financing was required as the cost of the project reportedly increased to a whopping Rs271 billion. This clearly shows that there were incompetent people that were given the responsibility to plan the budget of the project as the cost exceeded a very high level. The costs are forecasted and estimated before starting the project and there is always a margin for the factors that could affect the cost, but this clearly shows that it wasn't planned well.

Cost estimation is basically influenced by the complexity of the project, market price...

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