Probing death threats.

The decision to form a commission to probe into threats against PTI chief Imran Khan is a welcome development. Though the PTI has rejected the move, and refused to cooperate, it must go ahead and ensure that a thorough investigation is done. Mr Khan has repeatedly alleged that he is in the line of fire, and that some movers and shakers at the helm of affairs are out to take him out. These are serious charges coming from a former prime minister, and the fact that Khan had survived an attempt on his life in Wazirabad in November last year, makes it too difficult to ignore. The point is that the commission should exhibit an unbiased approach, and professionally get down to the job, and ensure that wheat is separated from chaff without giving in to any pressure whatsoever.

The PTI has registered a number of FIRs claiming that a plot is there to exterminate their leader. Moreover, the former PM is on record saying that he had recorded his video statement and saved it with his confidants, to be made public in case he is assassinated. This is where fair play should come into play and the PTI...

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