Priyanka Chopra clears stance on her war-mongering tweet: I was never pro-war.


Global icon Priyanka Chopra has finally cleared the air regarding her war-mongering tweet back in February when tensions in the Indo-Pak region were escalating rapidly. Referring to when she rooted for war, the UN Goodwill Ambassador maintained that she never was and never will be pro-war. Priyanka had been facing the wrath of netizens ever since she posted a tweet glorifying war, amidst a massive lockdown in Kashmir, for which she was even called out and confronted by a young Pakistani girl named Ayesha Malik during a BeautyCon event. The event had taken the internet by storm and only recently, during an interview with Daily Beast, Priyanka was asked about her stance.

Calling the event unfortunate, the actor...

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