Press Releases - UIT students celebrate the spirit of independence through wall painting drive.


The students and faculty of Usman Institute of Technology (UIT), one of the country's top technology institutions, got together to celebrate the spirit of independence through a wall painting drive in Karachi. Hundreds of UIT students converged on different street spots in Karachi to beautify the city walls and paint messages of love, peace, patriotism, and civic sense in a commendable effort undertaken in collaboration of the District Municipal Corporation (DMC) East.

In addition to powerful messages, the walls paintings displayed creations inspired by Pakistan's culture, landscapes, and personalities in accordance with the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day. The drive also aimed at undoing the practice of illegal wall chalking that the city's streets have suffered for countless years robbing the city of its real beauty and spreading vision pollution.

"We are Karachiites and we own our beloved city," said Prof. Dr. Zahir Ali Syed, Usman Institute of Technology. "Through this wall painting drive, we are not only demonstrating our love and care for the city, but are also sensitizing others to...

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