President writes to CJP to form judicial commission for probe into regime change conspiracy.

ISLAMABAD -- President Dr Arif Alvi Thursday wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) requesting him to form a Judicial Commission to conduct open hearings and thoroughly probe the allegations of regime change conspiracy.

The president said that the probe commission would help avert the political and economic crisis in the country and keep the political powder keg from igniting.

Underlining the importance of constituting the Commission, the president said that a serious political crisis was looming in the country and major polarization was taking place in politics, in the wake of recent events, as well as among the people of Pakistan.

He emphasized that it was the collective duty of all institutions to make utmost efforts to avert damaging consequences to the country and prevent further deterioration.

He regretted the fact that random comments were being quoted out of context, misunderstandings were increasing, opportunities were being lost, confusion prevailed, and with the economy also in crisis, the situation on the ground was approaching a political powder keg that may ignite at any time.

The president pointed out that the Supreme Court, in the past, had taken initiatives to constitute judicial commissions in matters of national security, integrity, sovereignty and public interest.

'A Judicial Commission, headed by Chief Justice Nasir ul Mulk and two Hon'able judges of Supreme Court, inquired into rigging allegations in 2013 elections. Similarly, Judicial Commissions were established to investigate the Memogate matter, and a still functional Judicial Commission exists for missing persons, that is headed by an Hon'able Judge of the Supreme Court', he observed.

He further stated that there seemed to be a political consensus in the country as, according to press reports, the Prime Minister had also expressed a desire for establishing a Commission.

President Alvi said that the nation held the Supreme Court in high regard and expected it to meet its expectations, adding that the Commission should investigate the matter based not on technicalities of law but in the real spirit of justice.

He said that it, undoubtedly...

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