Pregnant women with high BP advised regular check-ups.

LAKKI MARWAT -- Medical Teaching Institution (MTI) Bannu additional medical director Prof Zakia Khan has asked women to consult doctors if they suffer from high blood pressure complications during pregnancy.

'Pre, post and during pregnancy precautions always prove helpful both for mothers and newborns to be healthy,' she said while speaking at a seminar held on Sunday.

The seminar on high blood pressure disorder during pregnancy was attended by doctors and students.

Dr Zakia, who is the head of gynaecology department, said pregnant women needed close monitoring by physicians as many could have symptoms of high blood pressure before pregnancy and others with post-pregnancy complications.

She said high blood pressure in some pregnant women could lead to disorders, so they needed to have regular checkup by a qualified health professional.

She said other disorders, including gestational hypertension and preeclampsia, could also occur during pregnancy if high blood pressure was left untreated.

'Preeclampsia can occur through pregnancy (after 20 weeks) and pregnant women with the disorder experience high blood pressure, protein in urine, headache and blurred vision,' she revealed.

She said eclampsia was another serious medical condition in pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure, causing unconsciousness and threatening health of mother and baby.

Dr Zakia asked women to take healthy diet, use medicines as prescribed by doctor and ensure regular checkups during pregnancy.


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