PRC to train people to deal with natural calamities.

KARACHI -- Following warnings of severe weather conditions, especially heat waves, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) will start training sessions for journalists, civil society representatives, and common people next week to deal with any natural calamity and disaster

Kanwar Waseem, Provincial Secretary of Pakistan Red Crescent-Sindh expressed these views in his address to journalists here at the Karachi Press Club. We all face natural calamities yearly due to climate change, he added.

He also announced the PRC-Sindh, in collaboration with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), will begin training civil society organizations, journalists, ordinary people, and volunteers on alternate days each week at the Red Crescent Training Institute in Clifton.

Waseem said the PRCS was highly committed to providing basic health and first aid facilities to the maximum number of people in the country to deal with emergencies. He added that training sessions conducted during peaceful and normal days helped the authorities and people deal with emergencies effectively and without any chaos.

He emphasized that first aid training was very important for media practitioners in the field or at home, adding that...

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