PPP to accept verdict if Imran elected to power, says leader.

HYDERABAD -- The Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh information secretary Ajiz Dhamra has said that general election will be held in 2023 and if masses elect Imran Khan to power his party will accept peoples' decision.

Dhamra said at a press conference at local press club on Wednesday that Imran Khan was dreaming of conquering Sindh but he must be aware of famous Sindhi hospitality and be assured he would also be welcomed if he visited the province.

He said that Imran Khan was causing chaos in the country and his 'picnic march' that had started from Punjab was about to end within Punjab.

He accused Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman of maligning the country's nuclear programme at international level.

He said that Imran's recent statement suggested that it were Sindh chief minister or chief secretary who were obstructing registration of FIR on assassination attempt on his life, and not Punjab chief minister who was his own ally, hence those who were throwing expletives at IGP Punjab should be ashamed of themselves. He said that Imran Khan should now seek resignation from Pervez Illahi who had failed to...

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