PPP Seeks Climate Justice For Safer Planet.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan People's Party yesterday urged the world for 'climate justice' to make the Earth a safer planet.

PPP leader Surendar Valasai urged the international Human Rights organizations to echo the demand of Pakistani Foreign Minister for climate justice and ensure that the impact and redressal of climatic disasters are justifiablyd by the global community. The PPP lawmaker from Tharparker said that the global climate emergency is having devastating effects on human rights as well. Addressing climate change requires a crucial role of international human rights organizations and the world needs for urgent action to ensure a safe climate for humanity on the planet. Valasai, who is Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister for Human Rights, pointed out that Pakistan is among the world's top 10 nations most affected by climate change. Global warming is caused by uncontrolled and unabated greenhouse gases emissions. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - mostly generated by industrialized nations - are taking a toll in poor countries. 'Countries that are responsible for greenhouse gases are the least vulnerable to climate change.

However, those countries which are emitting the least amount of greenhouse gases are the most vulnerable to the disastrous effects of climate change. Pakistan is one of them; others include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi and Niger. According estimates the US alone is responsible for a quarter of all carbon emissions alone while the rest isd by other industrialized nations,' he added.

He stated that PPP Chairman and Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has eloquently apprised the international community about its responsibility for working towards climate justice. In the aftermath of the flood disaster of biblical proportions, through his interactions with the international and national media, he has successfully sparked a global debate on the issue. Global warming is a global crisis, but its effects are borne by countries which are the least responsible for its causes.

'It is hoped that Bilawal Bhutto's call for climate justice will reach every nook and corner of the world. There is no denying that now those countries that are being devastated by climate change-driven floods, unprecedented rains, crop and livestock losses and extreme weather conditions have finally got a voice, which is being heard by the international community,' he added. The climate change-driven floods in Pakistan...

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