Powers and resources must be devolved to the grassroots level for a prosperous Pakistan: Mustafa Kamal.


KARACHI -- Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Monday said that incompetent and conscienceless rulers have put Pakistan in a very fragile situation both internally and financially and this behavior of the successive corrupt governments have also caused trust-deficit between the nation and politicians.

The added that the only way forward out of the current situation is to make it mandatory for the provinces to issue provincial finance commission awards for districts in the same manner in which the provinces are awarded the National Finance Commission Award by the federal government. Like provinces, the autonomy should also be given at the district and city level.

Until autonomy is given and powers and resources are transferred from the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers down to the lowest level, the country can never prosper.

He expressed these views while addressing the office bearers of PSP Balochistan through a video link.

He further said that the fruits of the 18th constitutional amendment could be reaped only by empowering...

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