Power surcharge.

Byline: Hussain Siddiqui-Islamabad

AT a time when the masses are already overburdened with huge utility bills and high inflation, the government has announced a further increase in base electricity tariff by Rs1.39 per unit.

The government owes billions of rupees to electricity consumers that were illegally collected as 'Neelum-Jhelum surcharge' even after the completion of the hydropower project. It will only be fair on the part of the government to advise the distribution companies (Discos) to refund the excess amount or at least adjust it in installments in future electricity bills.

The government had decided in February 2021 to withdraw the Neelum-Jhelum surcharge, which was being levied on all electricity consumers since July 2008, and to refund the excess amount charged.

The monthly 10-paisa per unit surcharge was to be discontinued from the date the...

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