Power Supply Restoration Work In Flood Hit Areas Underway.

MULTAN -- Power Division Federal Joint SecAretary Ahmad Taimoor Nasir said that electricity restoration work was underway in flood-affected arAeas on war footing basis.

'Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is personally monitoring the restoAration of power supply and reports are being submitted to him on daily basis' he expressed these views while checking the electricity resAtoration work in the flood-hit areas of Taunsa Sharif.

Electricity supply from 81 grid staAtions was affected due to flood across the country out of which 46 grid staAtions' supply had been restored.

Ahmad Taimoor informed that initially 881 feeders of 11-kV in the four provinces were affected by monsoon rains and floods, which affected the supply of electricity to 9,75,000 consumers, but so far, 475 feeders had been restored out of these affected feeders, resulting in electricity supply to consumers 70,600 had been restored.

To prevent the electrocution inciAdents in...

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