Power shutdown: some questions (1).

Byline: Riaz Bhutta - Lahore

THIS is with reference to the news report 'Outage plunges country into darkness' (Jan 10). Power breakdowns resulting in a countrywide blackout do happen sometimes, but what is unacceptable is an inordinate delay in restoring the power system. The recent nationwide power breakdown is a case in point, for it took 10 to 18 hours to restore electricity supply across the country.

The power sector's financial bankruptcy is well known, for the circular debt is now running well into trillions. With this massive power breakdown and unprecedented delay in power restoration, the power ministry's lack of technical skills as well as those of the National Power Construction Corporation (NPCC), the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), and the various generation and distribution companies stood exposed.

Pending an honest investigation into the causes of the system's collapse, one thing is certain that the monitoring and control staff managing the NPCC responsible for safe and optimal power system operation, failed to...

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