Power outages.


Byline: Mazhar Sarki - Thul, Jacobabad

THE villagers living in the vicinity of Udi feeder are facing a double jeopardy. They receive electricity for barely five hours in a day or fear for their lives because the 11kv electricity wires frequently collapse and can be seen lying energised on the main road and in some of the villages.

The worst affected are the residents of Muhammad Ramzan Sarki village situated along the main road. Whenever a live wire falls on the road, it becomes difficult for people to move around safely.

Another acute problem facing our area is that of erratic voltage. This results in bouts of very high and very low electricity. The reason for this is that one out of the three 11kv wires supplying electricity was cut from the grid station about a year ago.

The fluctuating voltage has destroyed...

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