Power Capacity (MW) Opportunity - A Frog leap into Prosperity of Pakistan - Showcase it.


Byline: Raziuddin (Razi)

Never before in 72 years of history, did Pakistan had this golden opportunity to have instantly available reliable (IVR) power capacity and units in MW and MWhr to attract investments. It was always in a situation of load shedding with not enough power to supply to existing and new connections. The investors and sponsors of industrialization had to wait for years to get power connection making projects unviable. The investors would miss the market opportunity and would either give up or leave the country for those countries, which had immediate power connections available.

Pakistan needs to sustain this IVR power, otherwise it would lose the initiative in place to sustain the economy, accelerate GDP and create job opportunities in millions.

Present, snap shot of power supply / demand as of June-2018 is as follows:

Installed Capacity = 33,554 MW

Generation (2017-18) = 131,275 GWhr

Auxiliary Consumption = 3,793 GWhr (3%)

Imports (2017-18) = 556 Gwhr

Consumption Annual = 106,927 GWhr

Losses (2017-18) = 131,275-106,927

= 24,350 GWhr

= (Rs 365,220,000,000/-)

= A great opportunity awaiting to be utilized.

Capacity Factor = 45%, a great blessing to capitalize upon. An extra-ordinary opportunity for fast track industrialization ...... had it been around 77% Pakistan would have been constrained in given power connections readily.

Pakistan's present Power Capacity (MW) of 32% Opportunity awaits to unleash GDP, Exports and Jobs Growth, like never before.

There exists one great opportunity in un-utilized Capacity Factor, which can be used for boosting exports for accelerated industrialization on immediate basis by the present Government. The Ministry of Industries, Commerce, Textile and alike can showcase this great advantage to national and international investors, who will swarm in due to available MWs/Connections. Although transmission/distribution is a bottleneck but it can be resolved in less than two years. Pakistan has capacity for designing, manufacturing and EPC of transmission lines. Pak Steel Mills only can churn out braces of any about of towers.

Staggering annual loss of Rs 345 Billion needs immediate attention of the Government. Even 40% of reduction will reduce tariff, circular debt and give more electricity to the demanding consumers. Saving 40% of 24,350 Gwhr, would mean 811,600,000 Kwh per month could be made available at an incremental cost of say Rs 2/Unit to the industrial sector. At an average of 200,000...

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